Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Track mile repeats. 15 miles.

am) Woke up at 4:10 ready to run but forced myself to wait for my alarm at 5:00 and dozed on and off. All of my thoughts and motivation were focused less on my own workout and more on Jeff who is racing Ironman Hawaii tomorrow. I'm completely psyched for my friend and am amped with energy that today I tried to let go and send half way around the world hoping it can somehow find it's way to his legs. During all of my miles this morning I thought of the run course at Kona and how many amazing moments I've had in the lava fields. I went in to this workout with a very general idea as to what I wanted to run for the structure. I planned on running repeats that were at least 1000 meters and I wanted them to be comfortably fast. Thinking of Jeff and what he'll be feeling tomorrow made each of these seem simple. Rest intervals were 1:30-2:00 between each. I started the first lap very comfortable and relaxed and just cruised to the mile..
Then I cruised nice and relaxed through the second one, then the third one...
The fourth one I relaxed through the 800 then built in to the third and fourth 400...
The fifth one was the easiest one. Very smooth and controlled effort with out a push...

Simple. Not once did I feel strained during these and I didn't need any mental cues.. there was never any doubt. I didn't look at any splits during these. After each one I looked at the time though. As I finished the first one I guessed that I had run 5:20.... I've got issues with perceived exertion..

Every bit of energy I spent today is floating across the Pacific right now on it's way to the Queen K..

N) 40:00 on the AMT trainer at the gym (harder than running for sure).. +20:00 of core work and 30:00 sauna with deep massage.


Ward said...

T - I'm fairly excited for you heading to KC.. Laying down some solid miles like that, and comfortably I might add... I got a feeling your going to conquer your demons on this one... and then obliterate them at LV!!

kerrie said...

well i will be channelling that energy jeff's way - i am at lava java right now fueling up for the big day feeling incredibly obese. i broke my walmart boycott and bought a cheap bike there(it may weigh 300 lbs...) and will be taking it out to the queen k tomorrow. i will send/call you some up date during the day cause i'll have my cell with me ;).

Lucho said...

Awesome Kerrie!! Have a big Lava Java for me in the morning!

Thanks Ward- Things look good..

Wende said...

Tim, what's Jeff's number so we can cheer for him online?

Lucho said...

#59.. Jeff Keil.
I'm getting excited for Ben and I to come out!!! Less than a week!