Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday 20 miles.

Last night my wife found out she had a late meeting today so I flipped my 2 runs in order to pick Ben up from day care this evening. The day care is 14 miles away and has tons of hills including a steady 4 mile monster.
am) 6 miles crazy easy (GZ- I would have joined you guys but Stearns is 4 miles away and I didn't wake up until you were halfway done). I bundled up with a pair of Skins compression tights and a double layer pair of winter nylon pants. 3 layers up top. I boiled. Even though this was a very relaxed pace my very elevated body temperature raised my HR and respiration quite high.

pm) 14 miles with hill efforts of ~25:00 and ~15:00 at HR 165. Over-all average HR was 151. I started out feeling completely wasted. Legs were jelly and I had no energy. About 3 miles in it all started to click and I ended up running a very solid effort and pace. Tool's "10,000 Days" on my i-pod was the turning point in the run.

Friday track workout: Start at 6:30am at Centaurus High School.


Der Kaiser said...

Hi Lucho

What is the purpose of "bundling up"?
There is a (fairly large) black lady walking in Central Park who is in a body sized plastic bag.


Lucho said...

Remember that I am an 'arm chair' physiologist wannabe... I educate myself by the school of "Google".

The Kenyans and Japanese over dress even on warm days- similar to how Benji Durden used to. There are quite a few theories out there as to why one would do this- but literature on the benefits is limited. There have a been a few studies on the thermoregulatory response (controlled by the hypothalamus)mostly from sitting in a sauna but bundling up has a similar effect. The thermoregulatory response and heavy sweating have been found to reduce levels of stress hormones adrenalin and noradrenalin and to increase levels of ACTH, cortisol and beta endorphin. This can help to counter act the effects of over training syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome which I have experienced. It also increases testosterone in men. It's also been found to reduce prostaglandin F2alpha and protect against oxidative stress. It enhances activation of monocytes to bacteria and endotoxins. In the typical American diet we ingest hundreds of chemicals and heavy metals that our bodies can not expel effectively. A lot of these chemicals will sit in fatty tissue and very heavy sweating is one of the better ways to 'detox'and eliminate these.
If you watch your HR while sitting in a sauna- it goes way up in response to the extreme amount of blood flow to the skin required to cool the body. Benji (and another study done in South Africa) believe that this has a similar effect on blood volume and hematocrit as does going to high altitude. The body senses a need for more oxygen and stimulates the release of EPO. I think that the benefits in this regard are extremely small- but a benefit is a benefit. My hematocrit is 49% so it must not be hurting me! I think the detox benefits are the best part of it all.
The portly woman in the park may be smarter than she looks!
And yes- what is the tour with Lance but no Jan!?

Der Kaiser said...

Thanks man, interesting stuff.
I will definitely not apply that as I would not enjoy it - yuck!
But I can see that it would be beneficial and therefore sth I'd do if I'd be an elite.

Uli aka Ulle ;)