Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Track + 21 miles.

Tough day today. I felt great warming up then flamed out midway through the workout. I ended up getting 5 X 1000 in 3:17-20 with the first several recovery intervals (600m) in 2:10-2:15. Then I had to jog easier on the recoveries. I bailed after #5 and ran an 800 in 2:29 and jogged home. Legs felt pretty dead as I broke 100 miles for the week during my cool-down. This was still a 14 mile workout with a long warm-up that I ran with Jeff and Jenni. Jenni is racing the Boulder Backroads 1/2 marathon tomorrow- good luck! Jeff is in shut down mode for Kona and is focusing on getting freshened up..
I am still balancing on that edge where my volume is affecting my quality. As I adapt this will become more doable.

pm) 7 miles recovery jogging. No watch or HR. Legs don't feel bad or good.

My long run structure tomorrow will go like this:
8 mile progression run- Starting at ~7:00 pace and ending at 5:30 pace.
1 mile easy.
16 X 400 in 1:20 (5:20 pace)/ on 400 easy active recovery.
1 mile easy.
4 mile progression to finish. Start easy and finish at max effort. Throw up for core work afterward ;)
22 miles total to finish the week with 130 miles.


Ward said...

I can relate to your core work! Solid week T... it'll pay off I'm sure..

Lucho said...

Thanks Ward.
How are you doing? Are we on for November?

Ward said...

Count on it!

Marco Coelho said...

Remember how we used to feel after 30+ hr training weeks for Ironman? Now, remember how we felt on race day after tapering from this volume? I do, it's the only reason I allow myself to be so tired and sore sometimes. To have that feeling of being able to outperform even yourself.

Keep that second feeling in mind as you put in the big volume right now. It will pay off big on race day. 130 mi weeks will no doubt having you going fast on the day that matters most.

GZ said...

TL - for your Sunday ... where and when? If the timing / locale is right, and you are game, I might be able to swing by and join you, provide h2o support ... yell quotes from "monty python and the holy grail."

Lucho said...

I AM THE GREAT WIZARD!!!! but you may call me... Tim?
I'll be leaving from my house and doing an out and back finishing at the track. I'll keep everything in my back yard. I'll probably try to get out ~7:30 or so?
That's cool to offer! I would love the company. Thank you!