Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday 18 miles.

First off- thank you Claus for the great comments (see below). I eat that stuff up and I really don't get to discuss training, like that, very often. I am an arm chair physiologist and I always like to listen to the real deal.
Today: am) My morning got busy with work and I didn't get out until 12:30. During the warm-up my IT band felt a little tight so I bagged the track session which was supposed to be 4 X 200/ 4 X 400/ 4 X 200 and ran an easy 8 miles at HR 140 instead with the thought that I may feel better later in the day.

pm) 10 miles- felt ok, not great. I still didn't want to chance running fast on a track so I opted for this session:
5 mile progressive build- 29:28. 5:53 pace with an average HR of 150 (this is a very good sign for me). My last mile I simply tried to hold marathon goal HR, the mile had an over-all down grade to it (which I had just run up) and I kept thinking that if this is marathon pace then I'm screwed.. it felt fast! And it was- I ended up with a 5:12 on my watch and a max HR of 166.
1/2 mile easy jog to "my" hill. Then 8 X 200m hill repeats at near max efforts. The hill starts out moderate for the first 50m then ramps up to a steep incline. I tried to start each repeat very fast and then hold effort as the % grade increased. These were hard. Jog back to the start after each for ~1:30.
2 1/2 miles home at HR 145-155.

It's after dinner (chicken breast and pasta with pesto) and I feel wasted. Legs feel sore and ache.


Matt said...

I'm glad I stumbled upon that today. Interesting that Claus does that (physiology) for a living and he sounds a lot like a good ole MAFer via Lydiard (Lucho/ChuckieV). And even distance running in Denmark seems to have mirrored some of our own. What a forum! Would you say that most of that running philosophy relates to marathoning?

Ramble on . . .

RunColo said...

I hear you about the local weather. This is the first time in awhile that I am looking forward to getting in a run after work.

That stretch of 90 degree days we had, was brutal.

RunColo said...

Tim, you might find this interesting, regarding Vegas Marathon.

Hopefully you'll have no delay in getting the Tim Luchinske $30k appearance fee!

Enjoy the cool temps this weekend! Peace

Lucho said...

Matt- If I'm not mistaken, most of Lydiards concepts were applied more to short distance runners. At the time- marathons weren't what they are now in terms of popularity or performance.

Runcolo- HA! 30k in appearance fees!? I'm too ugly for that.
Interesting on the bond for the race.. it sounds like they'll work it out fine though.. I hope!