Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday 17 miles

am) 13 miles in 1:28. Avg. HR 142. Hot with a little dehydration towards the end.

pm) 4 miles easy jogging to loosen up.
Tomorrow I will be at Davidson Mesa at 6am to retry the progression run from Sunday.
3 miles easy.
3 miles at 5:50 pace.
3 miles at 5:40 pace.
3 miles at 5:30 pace.


Travis said...

Hello, I was wondering how you keep track of your pace and HR and stuff. Are you using a Garmin 205 or whatever that thing is? Or just a watch and a track?

Lucho said...

I almost always run with a HR monitor but rarely my GPS. I use that for measuring routes mainly but I also use to measure routes if I need to. I try not to over think most of my miles, just key workouts.
I have a good sense of what certain paces feel like and can usually guess what pace I am at within 10" or so.. that is for paces from ~6:15-7:00 pace. I haven't run enough at sub-6 to have that sense yet. For today I knew what pace I was at and I ran 1:28, so that was 13 miles. Also, most of my routes I have run a gazillion times already so I know the distance.
Tomorrow I am running the workout on a 3 mile loop that is measured to the 1/2 mile.