Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday 20 miles + blog header ideas.

I have been trying to come up with a 'title' for my blog, something I can put in the header- something that describes what it is about. If anyone has any ideas I might use your suggestion. And I don't want to use my name.
Here are a couple of my own that I think are lame:
"Marathon training logs" (yay!)
"Chess... not checkers" (This is a quote from Denzel Washington in "Training Day".. it's a pretty good metaphor for how I think of running. Not sure if anyone would get it though.)
My creativity for this seems to be dead.

am) 12 miles of "thermal" running.. No HR monitor or watch. I wore thermal tights under thermal running pants over long compression shorts. My socks and shoes were soaking wet after. Pace was relaxed and slow but I felt my HR really come up towards the end.

pm) 8 miles in 53:02. HR was high from dehydration. It sat at ~140-145 for the first 6 then jumped in the last 2 to 150-155 at the same pace.

Thanks for all the great suggestions for my blobby... I may try a couple out to see how they look.


GZ said...

"Tales from the Mafinator"

"The Punisher" (cool name, but you have to have the balls to carry it ... I kind of like but that name seems to be used).

159bpm (or whatever HR you want to target for the distance for marathon or part of the distance)

I realize all these suck.

pb said...

How about:

Lucho runs
100 miles weekly
Stride by stride
Run, daddy! Run!
The gun and the tape
Itchy legs
ColoRunDad - a play on Colorado. Yes, lame, I know ;-)

Dan Seifring said...

Title? You said it best last Thursday.

"Daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?!?"

Readers of your blog know how much love you have for your son. Hope that doesn't sound too "corny"

Lucho said...

Awesome ideas!! All of them!
GZ- The "Frank Castle" idea is bad-a**! My favorite but not sure it would work or too many people would get it.. my favorite though.

Pb- ColoRunDad is excellent.

Dan- certainly the front runner. It doesn't necessarily apply directly to the 'theme' of the blog- my training logs. But it certainly does apply to what I am about. Too long to use as my blog address.
I want to change my blog address to something that a Google search on marathon training will 'hit'. I guess I sort of just answered my own question there, didn't I?

ps- Frank Castle is the Punisher's real name.. It's also my account name which GZ got immediately.. impressive GZ!

Dave said...

What about something from Tool. Nothing comes to mind right now (with the exception of Stinkfist-and that might be a little inappropriate) but they have some real cool deep stuff goin on.

Or, what about that Prefontaine quote about sacrificing for the gift...I'm not sure how it goes but I know when I hear it I get pumped. If anything else comes to mind I'll definately let you know. Good luck!

Alberto said...

I have hear some of the athletes that you coach call you so many names when they have to train from the schedules that you send them, but I really think that they are not good titles for your blog. Kidding.

The last one I hear was "Killer" but I really don't think that googling that one will bring anything that deals with triathlon.

I am very bad with names & titles

Javier Godar said...

I don´t have any good ideas, but at least I can try.

For the blog:

NotJustRunning (I am making a myself :))

For the blog header I think quotes can be useful. Some of them are from quite brilliant people, so I guess they can fit in any blog.

1-Life is short... running makes it seem longer. (Baron Hansen)

2-He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat (Napoleon)

3-"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win." (Sir Roger Bannister)

4-"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming." Frank Shorter

5-The marathon can humble you.
Bill Rodgers

6-My greatest ideas stem from running. Sasha Azevedo

Sorry if all these sucks :)

RunColo said...


Another idea is a title that promotes your coaching business, if you're looking to grow that line of work. I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I would try to find a title that someone may use when looking for a running coach when they do a Google Search, such as "Denver Running Coach", etc.

Or you create a main web site with your business plan/information and then have a link to your personal blog.

Also, once you decide on a title idea, you can get a custom header made for relatively cheap. I got mine done from some girl in India. I outsourced the job!

MJ said...

Hey Tim,

Nice to start the morning with a creative task.

A couple of things:

- I think (am pretty sure) Google will pick up "Marathon" from your header - it doesn't need to be in the blog address. Also, if you make a point of using the word often (which you do) in your posts it will show up on Google. (This has a lot to do with how many incoming and outgoing links you have on your site.)

- If it is in your header (as opposed to your address) you will have way more options as it won't need to be 100% unique and it also will read well if it is a bit longer.

- If I were you (I'd probably go for a run and set a new pr) just kidding... actually what I would do is:
keep your current blog address (everyone knows it, and is linked to it already within their blogs.) I would then load up a catchy new header that will hit on search engines.

- My favourite for the record - from your own ideas:

The marathon and life - chess not checkers.

(You might find yourself attracting a lot of chess and checker players though!)


JK1 said...

this is stealing... but... what about our favorite: "run like hell"


DadLuvs2Run (luvs as diapers for Ben)

or: like you've told me 1,000x
1FootOtherFoot (translates to "1 foot in front of the other")

kerrie said...

the frank castle thing could work but only if you wear this at all your workouts:

GZ said...

technically you can buy other domain names via godaddy or something similar and have them point back to this blog. I think JW does something like this ... You could have a whole slew of names point to the blog ...

In any case, it sounds that you might be less interested in the name and more interested in getting traffic draw. There are a whole set of "tricks" you can pull ... search against "increase google page rank" or similar.

Lucho said...

Wow... I should ask for advice more often!
Dave- I thought of that, and there are many lyrics from songs that would work.. Metallica's "I'm diggin' my way to something better" is one of my favorites.

Alberto- Ya.. "killer" only brought up a google search on Dahmer and Bundy.. and although I have a freaky obsession with serial killers I don't want to be lumped in to their class!

Javier- none of those suck.. they're great quotes!

Runcolo- I'm not really interested in making my blog about 'business'. I would rather teach people what I am learning on this journey of mine.

MJ- Excellent advice. I don't fully understand the science of the internet..
As for the address- I haven't told anyone yet- but I'm changing my last name soon so I may need to change the address. I'm not going to say what I'm changing it to until it happens.
"The marathon and life - chess not checkers" is in the lead right now though! Thanks!

Jeff- "Run Like Hell" is excellent! I doubt that Fam would appreciate that though and I have far too much respect for him to do that.. the guy has a beard and tattoos after all! The Run2Live doesn't work for me though.. it would have to be Son2Live, running I can live without. Nice ones though..

Kerrie- I have yet to run in my Punisher shirt.. maybe tomorrow.

Lucho said...

GZ- I am interested in more traffic but only as resource for other runners. Not sure where I want to go with that in the end. My coaching business is already a little on the edge of more than I can handle! I'm trying to eliminate the ego side of it and not make it so much about Tim Luchinske but more about being a good resource and a platform for discussion. I enjoy being challenged with having to explain myself as to why I do what I do. I'm still learning and have a long way to go but I like sharing the experience.
We're doing a group run tomorrow again at Centaurus at 7:00am..

stronger said...

If I were marketing you, I'd pick up on the way you share what you know with everyone- not just paying athletes. "Play it Forward"

You get what you put into it- and that applies to all of life...running, coaching, parenting. If you give, it comes back.

People will find you on keyword searches from your blog description and the posts. Google seems to list blogs pretty high on the search list.

The other suggestion I like was Dan's and the "daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?" as the header quote. It sets a great tone and what a thought provoking/guiding quote about living life!

If you want to reach people who might be interested in learning about training/racing...write about "the stick" or "foam roller" and you'll attract all sorts of injured runners with ITB issues! I once compared the use of "the stick" vs. using a kitchen rolling pin and the hits continue to pour in from those searches.

Brett said...

Man who run behind car get exhausted.


BRFOOT said...

ok i've been up for about 27 hrs but i have a few.

music- "running down a dream"
"running on empty"
motivational-"run for all your worth"

coaching- "follow in my tracks"

cliche- "run like a rock star"

assinine- "let's run"....oh yea you hate those guys my bad.

sorry i'll go to bed now

Matt said...

Great feedback - nice readership.

Whatever you choose will have soul and rock. That's why I started reading and will continue . . .
and will attend that running camp you're putting together . . .which you're putting together, right?

Have you and Ben watched Cars, the Disney animated flick? It's great, Ben will love it and there's also a natural focus on speed.

And Jack has some cool hand-me-down toys for Ben when he's ready.

Lucho said...

Good words Stronger..
Brett- I heard that's why Confucious drove a hybrid.

Brfoot- 27 hours of no sleep? How do you do that?

Matt- I'll bet Ben would love the movie Cars.. His favorite toys now are Matchbox cars. Ever stepped on one of those in bare feet?

Justin Mock said...

Here's one -

"Mucho Lucho"

BRFOOT said...

I'm awake now.

1. From the First Step
2. Your Best Foot Forward
3. Misery Loves Company, A Runners Guide to the Universe
4. Complete Endurance
5. From whinning to winning :)

BJ said...

Lucho run Mucho