Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday 22 miles.

am) 8 miles-49:00- with the last 4 at AeT HR.. pace was slower than I would have liked but 6:07 average with the first 4 easy.. I shouldn't complain.

pm) 14 miles- from step one I felt amazing. HR max was 151, everything felt great and I was able to really let loose on my effort. My mind set was awesome today, very positive and happy.. every step of this jog was fun.


Matt said...

Glad to hear it. All that positive energy you're throwin' around, some of it's bound to stay home!

I've never felt so fatigued. Feeling better today, but taking some time off my feet.

Keep up the good work.

Lucho said...

Matt- I'm pretty tired too. That's part of it.

BRFOOT said...

check out his article i thought you would find it interesting.

it has nothing to do with this post or music.

Lucho said...

"The rowers' hearts are also torpedo-shaped, which they believe is the result of the pericardium naturally constraining the heart's growth, forcing it to push out lengthwise as it grows."
That gives me the creeps.

Dave said...

Thanks for the info about cadence. I'll definately take your advice. The jumproping sounds like an awesome idea! Thanks again man!