Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 9 miles.. + Congrats to Peter!!!!

"On your blog you're turned up to 10... in person you're at 11".. That is what GZ said to me this morning as I was raving and ranting about training.. my apologies GZ. I am aware that often times I don't hide much from the people around me.. but one thing you can be assured of is that I won't bullshit you for the sake of telling you what you WANT to hear, rather I'll tell you what you need to hear (unless I don't care for you- then I'll lie).
Liz- you know this (and I know it's not ZZZZZZZ).
My problem is my tone and the way I tell people how I feel- if I come across as a jerk then my secret is out! But I will apologize if you're reading this and nodding your head. I could use more tact when I'm in public..
And GZ- I'll tell you again what I told you before- simply put.. you can do better.

Awesome job Peter on your first triathlon- a 1/2 Ironman no less- and even placing 3rd in your age group!!! I'm incredibly proud of you!


Wende said...

I'm nodding my head...vigorously nodding my head! But I love you anyway :)

GZ said...

Good conversation this AM TL. I did not see it as a rant. I am just glad there was no making out with JK this time.

Matt said...

I get the same response from those I love. I'm definitely not hiding the truth from them! My sister says I have a really good crap detector; yours is probably state-of-the-art. I bet CV has a fairly nice one too. That's why you guys are such good reads and great to get feedback from. We don't have time for bullshit. We're all going to die!

BTW, does de-hydration affect joints and muscles? In other words, if one were to be exercising in a kind of dehydrated state, what might one experience. I thought I was going to die today and I can't figure-out exactly what it was. HR was up, left knee was 70 years-old, legs were sore. This was after a couple of days off. I'm attributing the badness to taking time off - Never Again! Seriously. I don't think I've been hydrating well at all either so that's my question.

Killer look on the blog. Turn up the volume, TL!

Lucho said...

W- Thanks Sis.. I won't rant next weekend.. promise.

G- Jeff did step out of his car brushing his teeth ;)

Lucho said...

Matt- Dehydration affects EVERYTHING in a negative way.. your knees are surrounded by fluid too. But-I would suspect you were feeling the rest. Muscle react to unkown stress- increase in mileage, increase in intensity.. and even resting. One of the things I tell my athletes is that after their rest weeks (every 4th week starts with a mandatory 3-5 days of rest)they may feel worse than when they are training hard. Your body goes in to a "shut down" mode which is part of the pitfall of a mistimed taper. You also lose neurological economy from not running for a couple of days which can affect how effectively your muscles work which may contribute to knee pain. A tight IT band, vastus medialis, hamstring.. these can also cause knee pain.
Hydrate! The fact that your HR is up is a sure sign..
See how it feels after a few days of normal running.

Matt said...

Thanks! I'll put that one in the file.

I read somewhere (on your blog?) that you're doing a running clinic in Frutia? This summer's probably out, but if that's something you do every summer, maybe next year. Of course, with all of your Cali/San Diego connections, maybe you could have a run camp out here :-)

Lastly, you mentioned that your athletes do a mandatory rest of 3-5 days every 4th week; although I'm not one of your athletes, we talked about me just pushing my limits at MAF and Aet. I'm not on any kind of schedule and I think from what's happening lately, I need that. But it's been great just to see how much I can run. And I have a loooong way to go. Hmmmm.

Lucho said...

I am very interested in holding a running camp of sorts. I'm not a business man (thank God!) so they would be low key and I would probably just charge a six pack of porter or a bottle of wine. What would be cool would to hold it mid-way to Cali in a cool place like Vegas (I lived there and the running out in the desert is amazing!) or possibly the Grand Canyon. The point would be to make it a fun and memorable experience. You'll be the first person on the invitation.. You would love Fruita.
As you get fitter.. MAF and AeT get harder. Everything rests on rest.. it's the only time we get stronger. The 4th week of every month simply take Monday off.. then on Tuesday run 4-6 miles easier than MAF. Wednesday run 6-8 easier than MAF. Thursday run 6 miles easier than MAF. On Friday just do a MAF test. Then Saturday and Sunday are back to normal. Because you will be rested you can run your longest runs immediately after the rest. I've always believed that descending volume was more intuitive.. ie: weeks of 90 miles, then 80, then 70.. then rest week.. then 100 miles, then 90, then 80.. and so on. Rather than try to push volume as fatigue accumulates you should do your biggest weeks when you're the most rested.

Matt said...

The camp sounds so killer.
The Grand Canyon?! That would be sick. Even Vegas. Those venues would be perfect for the fall/winter.

Put it together. I'm in. And I can think of a few other SoCals who might be game.

Matt said...

And thanks a million for the schedule, Lucho. The simplicity of this stuff is the stuff of legend.

BRFOOT said...

Been to Vegas lately Tim? When I lived there back in 87-89 I loved riding my mtn bike out in the desert. I lived out in Green Valley and there was nothing there. Now there is no desert from Vegas to Henderson.Wall to wall strip malls and houses. Red Rock would be fun to run through.
You could come back up to to northwest though. We have plenty of room to run up here :)