Monday, June 2, 2008

Ben's first snake..

I've caught tons of snakes in my time- this bull snake was the second biggest I've ever seen. Easily 6 foot and as big around as my arm.. not that my arms are huge mind you. Ben will learn not to be afraid rather to be respectful and know what is dangerous and what is fun. Bull snakes tend to be very docile and don't usually mind being held. I've been bitten maybe 10 times and it's always more startling than painful. This one was old and obviously had experience with humans- so he would have none of me picking him up.


GZ said...

Nice ... my seven year old was getting irked the other day at someone referring to a snake as slimey. He rolled his eyes and declared roughly, "snakes are not slimey!"

You might want to consider a trip to the butterfly pavillion with Ben sometime. Given 98 percent of all animals are invertabrates, and the two butterfly launches a day ... very educational, stimulating and fun for the tykes. When we went we also got to hold a big ass tarantula.

... for what it is worth, when I encounter a snake when barrelling down a trail, it still puts my HR well over MAF. Mostly just the surprise of it! (of course this happens with pheasants too)


kerrie said...

rain, our local snake expert, agrees with your assessment. she claims that bull snakes have poisonous saliva, but they are not harmful to humans. and she says their bites don't really hurt unless you are a total pu$$y(maybe she didn't quite say the last part...)

we have quite an active 'catch and release' program going on at our house and the creek by it. mostly little garter snakes, but sometimes, some bigger snakes - all kinds of creatures, much better than the butterfly pavillion ;).