Friday, June 6, 2008

And on that note:

I think I have giardia.. or salmonella.. maybe ebola? I'm no doctor- but I know that I am sicker than I may have ever been in my life. I'm usually bomb proof and nothing phases me. For the last 4 days though I have been lying on my back in the dark because light hurts my head and standing only means a panic rush to the bathroom. Food is either going straight through or back up where it came from.. so I am taking food out of the equation.
"A sick animal retires to a secluded place and fasts until its body is restored to normal. During the fast it partakes only of water and the medicinal herbs which inherited intelligence teaches it instinctively to seek". Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Tuesday morning I ran with Jeff and all the food I had eaten the previous day was still sitting in my stomach, it eventually left me later in the morning in a rather unpleasant way.
I ate on Wednesday afternoon and the food sat there until I puked it up the next day- completely undigested. No food since.
I did run today trying to bring some type of normalcy to my system.. but stopped at 1/2 mile and walked home.. freezing cold with chills. It's 80 degrees out.


Formulaic said...


Get better soon.

Very creative ways of describing your condition though.

I am impressed that you were able to go out at all. Very hard core.

Wende said...

even worse than dengue fever? take good care of yourself tim, have you considered going to um, a doctor???

Ward said...

Sounds like a nasty bug you got there... Let it run its course. You'll be back at it before you know it!! I know it may be hard, but Keep Ben away from you if you can...

JK1 said...

hum- great advice Wende... :)

TL- dude, I know it wasn't me that got you sick- don't blame me!!! it couldn't of been all that kissing we were doing??

GZ said...

Didn't you have something like this last year?

Lucho said...

GZ- Ya- I reread that post.. that was just a day or two and didn't prevent me from exercising. This has me chained to the bathroom and has been strong for 4 days..
Chuck- I thought of you immediately and was very glad I wasn't in your shoes when you had giardia! I am pretty sure it isn't that.. but I usually think the worst. At first I thought it was an alien, then pregnancy, then cancer, then ebola, then giardia.. but I'm fairly sure it's from alfalfa sprouts and maybe a mild case of salmonella? Or maybe it's Spring cleaning for my lower GI tract..
Good on ya'll for the advice..
Wende- how long have you known me? 36 years? ;)Is Michael home yet?
Jeff- It's 100% you're fault..

Lucho said...

Ward- We were all supposed to go camping this weekend.. but I bailed so Jo and Ben are gone for 3 days. I'm completely bummed to miss out but if I am contagious in any way then it's a good thing. I would take a horse kick to the groin to avoid seeing my son in pain.. plus his diapers would surely give me nightmares!

beth said...

well, serves you right for slutting around like that with jeff..
but at least you're down to race weight...

sorry, all inappropriate, but i thought maybe i could get you to laugh that thing out? sounds miserable. actually, sounds like demons.. exorcise the demons....if that doesn't work, take a pregnancy test

kerrie said...

i totally agree with beth. i told you on tuesday morning to stop making out with jeff but you just wouldn't listen and kept going on about how good he was looking blah blah blah.

just 'google' your symptoms - your bound to come up with something good!