Saturday, June 7, 2008

Amazing race.. Belmont Stakes.

Amazing athlete.. Big Brown. I guess a bad day isn't just a human condition.


Wende said...

and thank goodness his rider didn't push him once he realized it wasn't his day....sounds familiar, huh? :)

Glad you're feeling better!

GZ said...

Agreed. Amazing race. Had me thinking quite a bit. More than I had guessed a horse race would.

But sadly, I was forced in that thinking to wonder, if the lack of injections of Winstrol (etc) were the reason why it was not his race.

There are of course other factors in this race ... including that 5 weeks are long stretches for three year olds, this was the longest distance of the TC, etc ...

I think that makes it 7 of the last 11 horses that have won the Derby and the Preakness than have not won the Belmont.


Lucho said...

I think I found myself more excited before this race and more thoughtful afterwards than any human race I've ever watched. I think my empathy for a horse goes far deeper than for a human runner. Horses seem so innocent and pure. They don't run their hearts out for money or glory.. no ego, no ill will towards their competitors.. I truly felt bad for Big Brown even though he didn't. He didn't hang his down and I would bet that he wanted to run hard to the finish. I have a ton of respect for the jockey, Kent Desormeaux. His story was also a great one with his son.. I was absolutely glued to my TV for an hour.. I'm sure tomorrow for the Prefontaine Classic I'll watch with half the enthusiasm.

GZ said...

Great insights.

While the horses are truly noble, their lack of voice and the human influence in the sport makes these events unfortunately more about those factors (namely money, since it primarily exists for gambling).

I don't think I am not anti horse racing ... but I am not a fan of what this "sport" has become in light of the human factors.

All that said ... Big Brown is a beautiful horse.

Wende said...

I just saw a news clip about a rescue organization called "Re-Run". Its mainly for former race horses who are no longer of "value" to their owners,are too expensive to take up a stall, and are going to be slaughtered. Sad story, but not surprising.

Bob Mitera said...

Watch the HBO Real Sports piece on horse racing. They mention the trainer of Big Brown. I agree with Chuckie V and Wende.

Bob Mitera said...

Oh...I also was looking forward to the race.

Karma train made a stop Saturday. Not for Big Brown but the VC company that bought in and the trainer.