Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday Recovery day.

am) 2 miles recovery jog- 16:00.
20:00 core lift
20:00 swim alternating 100 kick/ 100 drill/ 100 pull
40:00 dry sauna (this eliminates some heavy metals and causes vasodilation .. when I finally got out my HR was at 150- some people have theorized that this causes a response to blood volume and epo production similar to being at high altitude)

Thursday 17 miles.
am) 13 miles jogging at MAF.
pm) 4 miles jogging at low MAF.

Wednesday 14 miles.

am) 8 miles at MAF.. no watch.

N) Bike 1:00 at MAF. Single speeds rock!

pm) 6 miles 40:18 at MAF. 6:43 pace and my legs feel like they're coming back. I need to continue to be disciplined with my HR and effort- although I could have run more and much faster I need to look at my long term goals. Running hard so far out from my "A" race would only hurt my fitness and risk ruining my year.

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Ironboom said...

On Friday you describe two runs: the first run at MAF; and the second run at low MAF. I was under the impression that MAF was a ceiling and not a range. If the latter, how would you go about calculating the range? Would you mind elaborating? Thanks.