Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm back..

I've been doing my own thing for the last week.. I wanted to step back from the world and take a break from the routine I have fallen in to. I needed a mental break from running mostly- I haven't taken a step since Friday! I have been cycling a ton though and have just converted my mountain bike in to a single speed and have had a total blast riding it.. I know the mental strain of trying to push myself without training partners is contributing to my stagnation. This break will (hopefully) let me train to my potential through to my marathon in December. I am all over the place in terms of consistent training so I thought I would just step back and take a breath and restart.


Matt said...

glad your back! it's a grind, especially at your level.

Speaking of grinds, you said as I get fitter, my aerobic runs will get tougher. This seems to be the case exactly. But again if the HR is in that zone than have at it, right? Wow. The progress from the few months ago when this started is pretty crazy.

You know your shit.

After next week's 21k trail race, i'm taking you up on lots of jump rope, hiking and cycling, with as much running in between.

Welcome back!

Lucho said...

Nice work! Your MAF plateau will come when you need to start to actually "elevate your game" just to run MAF. I've had my MAF at ~5:20 pace in the past (training for Ironman)and when it came time to run at my LT I had to hammer. But the biggest benefit to spending so much time building that engine is that you can hammer and your body will absorb the intensity. If a sedentary person were to "hammer" a 10k they would have to go the ER... but you- once you have spent the time to build properly- won't even flinch. Nice work again.. keep it up! Now that you see the results you'll become a true believer in the method. I find it difficult to run with intensity because I have seen just how far the MAF method can take me..

beth said...

welcome home. how was the camping?
so i have a little (like 4 month) slot on my calendar (post vineman 70.3 in july) for a late fall marathon....and its either NYC or Sacramento...and i'm leaning towards staying in Cali.....could be fun. painful fun.

Lucho said...

Beth- I'll see you at Cali... if you run it that is.