Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday 9 miles

am) 9 miles relaxed and steady jogging.. 58:17/ HR average 144.


GZ said...

I'm in.

kerrie said...

i'll be there with my hockey stick. is there more than one entrance?

Matt said...

sorry about the lame questions:

Is the avg HR of a run all that really matters, or does one need to pay close attention to the max as well? On these trails, my HR is a little all over the place but the avg is good. But if there are some pretty big spikes, say from pushing it on a hill/over heating, etc., is this a red flag?

Thanks. . and it's nice to see you training again with numbers to illustrate!

Lucho said...

First- to answer your question from a a few days ago.. Yes.
Second- It depends on how much high a HR and how often you are going above MAF or AeT. Do it too many times and you'll limit yourself. Remember too that there is a HR lag and once you see a high HR on your watch then you can assume that you have been above MAF or AeT for much longer. Do your best to limit the higher HR stuff and save it for when you start to crank it up or after you plateau. I tell athletes to walk the uphills if you need to.

Dave said...

Hey Lucho, just a quick question that's a little off topic, but I figured you'd know the answer. For the past few months, I've been noticing fluid building up in my knees after runs, along with a "crickety" crunchy sound in my knees when kneeling. There is absolutley NO PAIN at all in either knee. What the heck is this? Some days it's not as bad as others, and it usually goes away shortly after. I hope this question isn't a waste of time, but I just haven't been able to find an answer to this ANYWHERE. Please help! Thanks man, and I really appreciate all the great info on your blog. I'm addicted!