Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday 16 miles

am) 5 miles of "personal sensation" (as Canova would call it). Today is a moderate run day for me meaning that I'm going to run as much as hard as I feel like with a HR cap of 165. This is still ~10-12 beats below my LT HR so it is quite aerobic.

N) 11 miles on Dowdy Draw/ Community Ditch and Mesa Trail. HR averaged 149 and pace was fast.. sub 6 on the downhills and strong on the ups.


Matt said...

Can you comment on the benefit/point of breaking-up the mileage during the day. Most of my longer runs are being done in one session.

Lucho said...

It has everything to do with metabolism and quality of running. Running one time per day ramps up your metabolism one time. Running 2 times does it twice. Also the break between runs can make the overall mileage for the day quicker. I also find that in the Summer it also gives you a chance to rehydrate properly which is a huge factor in recovery.
I would tell you try to increase the frequency of running each week and keep your mileage the same. Run 7-10 times per week with several 2-a-days..