Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday 14 miles.

am) 6 miles easy jogging with HR 133. Despite a horrible weekend of no training and poor diet choices I am not going to deviate from my weekly structure. In the past I would feel compelled (and I felt it today) to "punish" myself for being so weak and undisciplined.

pm) 8 miles HR 148. The first several miles were in 6:10-6:15 pace with my HR 140-145.. then it felt like my economy left me. HR climbed and pace slowed to ~6:30 for the rest of the run. 2 days off from running never causes a loss in fitness only a loss in muscle memory. We lose efficiency. You swimmers know what I'm talking about! The good thing is it comes back after only 1-2 runs. Tomorrow will be back to normal.

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GZ said...

This short post reveals a lot, doesn't it?