Tuesday, March 18, 2008

0 miles

I'm taking another day off, I can't seem to get moving. I woke up this morning at 9am after sleeping for 12 hours! Yikes. Ben woke up a few times in the night and I vaguely remember going in to him. My body is talking and I'll listen. This is my 3rd day of no running.


GZ said...

one day, three days ... don't make a difference in the positive or the negative of your long term goals. It is what you do over three weeks, months and years.

Unless you are hit by a meteorite. LOOK OUT.

kerrie said...

where are the pics? some of us who don't get to go to 'fancy' training camps ;) would like to see what it is all about so we can do some vicarious living. and by we, i mostly mean me.....
i'm sure that ben is happy to have you home!

ckotte said...

looks like an awesome place to train.

i can't wait until i arrive in a few weeks. will you be there for the next camp?

Matt said...

Looks and sounds like a nice break/job. That picture at the beach is a postcard: the beauty and the beach.

Lucho, the MAF is going pretty well. After 10 days of near embarrassment, there's been a little breakthrough - I'm sure that's the relative term of the year - and I feel even more focused. Conceptually it makes sense. Now, I'm seeing the light. More of the same and more testing. Consistently. Thanks again for the push.

Now get back to running!