Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 17 miles.

I woke up this morning fussy and with a sore throat so I just jogged easy for 6 miles. Felt terrible. Ben was sick and fussy all day too.

pm) Felt a little better so after Jo got home from work: 3 miles easy warm-up then-
8 miles in 47:55.. Avg. HR 153

As usual once I got loose the run felt amazing.. this is why I run. I had several miles in ~5:45 that felt effortless but I was running fast (for me).. fun!

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beth said...

hmmm....i hear you about the warming up (not the 5:45 miles :) ) takes me a good 30 minutes until i'm "into it"...and then i'm INTO IT. actually, writing this is making me think about how i probably need to plan a solid warm-up before my 5k next week

don't get sick, lucho!!! sending you healthy wishes.