Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lactate test +comments.

Mat from Endurance Corner is testing me tomorrow (Wednesday) for my lactate threshold. I had planned on running 4 X 4:00 at LT but then I thought- I'll get tested and use that as the workout instead. It will be less stressful in the end I think. So, tomorrow I will post my numbers.
GZ- I think I'll be using a gel flask with 4 servings of gel and 1 of water to dilute it. I've always found that by adding water the gels go down much better and they don't gum up my mouth as much.
Jason- I'm new to this gig myself so I'm not sure what the elite runners experience in regards to RPE at various stages of a marathon. I know Alan Culpepper has told me that I should be needing to focus at 50:00 (~10 miles for him) and that the last 6 miles is maxed out. I would guess though that his pain is more acute while a 4:00 marathon runner's pain is much longer lasting... I would rather get it over quick- like a band-aid!
Josh- Best advice yet! I do think I need to think less about my back. Cheers!

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Brett said...

Wishing you good luck. We'll be rooting for you!