Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday 10 miles.

This was a split 10 miles-
5 miles jogging (serious jogging- HR never broke 110).
3 miles elliptical trainer.
2 miles (15:00) aqua-jogging.

Core and easy leg lift for 15:00.
Dry sauna for 20:00 with self massage.


ScottB said...

Hi Tim,

Sounds like a great recovery day. Given your previously mentioned penchant for going into Ironman races overcooked, can you advise on how best to recover from overtraining and/or avoid it? I was struggling last fall with too much volume/intensity and even after a 3 week winter break, my legs still don't feel right.

At a HR of 110, what pace are you able to sustain for your recovery run? I have seen my HR quite high for what I would have previously considered an easy pace, ~6:45.

Matt said...

you mentioned tomorrow's 15k would be a good opportunity for a test. I just want you to be sure. Here's the elevation profile: (

I'm afraid my HR is going to be pretty high because of the trail and my "race spirit." Will it still work? From what you said, I need an avg. HR and a 1hr. split. Thanks for the help!

Lucho said...

Matt- That elevation profile is fine.. the goal is just to get close in having a best effort for an hour. Of course it would be better to have a flat course, but you don't. If you are truly racing this then the over-all average HR should be slightly below LT. Hills or not.

kerrie said...

wow - i am so hungry after reading what you ate on thursday! you do drink a lot though, i think that i am probably pretty dehydrated most of the time - that looks like at least 6 liters of fluid a day! do you really think you need that much or is it to help keep your weight down?
what are you taking for amino acids?

20 minutes of "self massage" in the sauna at the rec centre? lol, never heard it called that before but i did once meet a guy at nbr sauna doing that! you don't go there do you?

Lucho said...

What else is it called besides "self massage"? Auto-kneading?
I take a multivitamin supplement from Vitamin Cottage that has the BCAA in them.
I don't drink too much water..I think most people drink far too little.

Lucho said...

Scott- My pace was quite slow on my recovery run. I capped my HR and did not start my watch so I don't know what my pace was.. maybe 7:30?
The over training comes from mixing intensity and volume. 140 miles of easy running isn't that hard.. neither is 30 miles with 3 track workouts. But try to do both- particularly for more than a few weeks- and you risk over training. The best way to avoid it is to not mix the two for too many weeks in a row with out having a true rest week. You should also be taking 2 days per week of very easy workouts like just a relaxed swim. Every 3rd week or 4th week should be at a 40%-50% reduction in volume and with zero intensity for 4 days.
Listen to what your body is telling you too. If you start getting aggravated or are not sleeping well then watch out. You may need to back off.