Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday 1:00 X-train.

Went to the gym this morning and swam (yep- I got wet) for a bit. 10 X 100 alternating kick/ drill/ pull. Stairmaster for 10:00 followed by 30:00 of core work and very light leg lifts. The leg lifts were recovery focused, 2 sets of 12 reps with mild weight simply to increase blood flow and range of motion. I have zero soreness today and good energy.. I feel great!


Gigs said...

Can u tell us a bit about your diet and your philosophy around eating? Thnx.

Lucho said...

Gigs. I'll be quick to admit that my philosophy around eating is not the best. I tend to try to eat healthy but also enjoy life for most of the year. Today I had some of my son's 1 year birthday cake. I like to go out and eat with my wife. I try harder in the last 8 weeks leading up to a race and am now in that mode where I am keeping everything as close as I can to how it should always be. Body weight is a key performance factor in the marathon so I am diligent on the calorie counting. I have a set diet that works well for my training energy and recovery.. lots of pasta, potatoes, salad, V8, coffee, and fruits. I like beer and good Pinot too but stop drinking in the weeks leading up to a race.
Looking at the diets of many of the top runners I don't see too many differences. African cultures are grain heavy. The northern African countries are couscous heavy.
I think having balance is important. Having a type "A" life is good for performance but family and fun and being a happy person is good too.