Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Matt Asks:
"Tim, you said your goal is to become a 2:10guy in 5 years from now. Can I ask how old you are now? When do marathon runners peak, is it like other endurance sports, low-mid thirties?"

Matt- My goal over the next 4 years is to run a ~2:15. I am 36 years old now so that would make me a top masters runners.
There is an article written on this very subject http://runningtimes.com/blog/?p=27 which explains it very well.
The unique thing that I bring in to this is that I have a relatively young athletic age. I'm 36 but I haven't put that many miles on my legs and heart yet. I have yet to figure out what training is going to be the most effective for me. I have the structure- I believe- to run high volume and eventually intensity too. Training for Ironman for 10 years I very rarely did workouts up near my LT, I focused entirely on Maffetone training principles which I believe has set me up very nicely to absorb training and grow in to an ok runner over the next few years. I have already missed my peak for this sport but I still have the choice to exploit 100% of what I now have to work with. If I can do this, I think I will run a 2:15.


GZ said...

first - I have to say, I am cheering for you. Seriously.

second - in the short time I have been observing what you have been doing via this blog, I think your goal is challenging but realistic. The volume and the intensity you are handling is a bit mind boggling to me. If you can stay injury free, then I think your goal is doable.

third - your objective in four years also sets up for a shot at the Oly Trials. I know there have been some rule changes, but I think a 2:15ish run would still be a qualifier. In other words, you would not be just a top masters runner, you'd be one of the top US runners. And kicking masters ass as well.

Lucho said...

G- Thanks for the good word.I have always felt that any goal should push an individual to their limit.. force them to see what they are made of. I know my goal is lofty and will require that I do many things perfect. For me too- the journey in attempting to accomplish something like this is the fun part for me. The training is what I love.
The new Oly Trials standard is 2:20. I think they simply eliminated the "B" standard of 2:22.
A 2:15 masters marathoner... now that's something.

JP Flores said...


I've been following your site for a while now. First off, I really appreciate and admire your approach, which seems very simple and straightforward.

Couple thoughts/questions.

Regarding mileage. In reading about the training of some of the top US athletes (Ritz, Meb, Sell, Hall, Brown, etc.)...it seems that they are running anywhere from a low of 110-120 mpw (Meb) to a high of 170-180 mpw (Sell). While 90-100 miles a week seems astromically high for a triathlete (like me), as a runner..what are your thoughts on getting your mileage up into that range? Especially given your biomechanical gifts and imperviousness to injury. :-)

Second, you mentioned in a post that you don't stretch. Can you elaborate on why not and thoughts on other recovery/injury prevention tactics, like massage, etc?

Matt said...

A 2:10 will indeed be amazing. It takes years of aerobic and physiological development for that. Good luck!

I'm shooting for sub 3hrs (first full) in 16weeks or so. Love reading the blog as it'll spur me on.