Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday.. 14 miles.

We got in kind of late last night and had family stuff going on. I headed out late in the pitch dark of a city I'm not familiar with. Methodically picked my way through the neighborhoods and roads. I'll get lost so fast it will make your head spin.. I made it back in one piece after 8 miles.

This morning I headed out to Oak Mountain State Park and logged 14 miles. HR averaged 148 and I was clicking along a solid effort and pace. I am racing 5k tomorrow morning. My last 5k at sea level was in 1997. Last years winning time was 14:48 so I should have someone to pull me through to a hard effort. I doubt very much that I can break 16:00 tomorrow as I am training to race the marathon.. but we'll see.

Thanks for the good word brfoot and Lee. I'll give it a go in the morning!


Lee said...

Good luck in the 5K, Lucho! BTW, that Skynard video on your site is covering up the left side of your posts (at least in my browser). Those guys are so Southern you can smell the fried food, cigarette smoke and stale PBR the minute you hit play! Gotta love it!

BRFOOT said...

That Skynard video takes me back to my high school days. Not that you need my advice, but. I suggest you think back to your high school days as a D-back. Keep that 15 min guy in your sights then run him down like a dog. good luck

JK1 said...


Tide beat the Muffalos!!!

oh, yea, have fun with the run. Tell Jo + Ben to take some photos.