Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday 20 miles.

6:00 am) 9 miles- 58:00. I ran this at what Canova would describe as "personal sensation".. I think most of the rest of us would call it "running how you feel".. damn Italians. Just kidding.. Canova is my idol.

10:00 am) 8 miles Tempo. HR averaged 173 (LT is ~180). Chuck rode with me for this run and shot a lot of great video (see it here on Chuck's blog) with some excellent and educational commentary. I will be playing with my video editing software and will be posting a video of most of the tempo run. I averaged sub 5:30 pace which isn't really considered fast by a runner's standard. The course was rolling with several very long (1 mile+) grades. Fastest mile was 5:09, slowest was 5:45. WU) and CD)1.5 miles each.


Chuckie V said...

"I averaged sub 5:30 pace which isn't really considered fast..." What are you smoking Tim?! (Besides your run workouts, that is...)

JK1 said...

Why is it that we never see your face? How do we know this is you and not some random really fast Kenyan runner video?

I kid. I kid. I can spot Tim from a mile away when we run- he's the only white guy I know that runs like a Kenyan.

Balls Deep.

Lucho said...

You don't want to see my ugly mug pop up on your screen. What's JK stand for? Jigantically kickass? Huh?

Brett said...

Sub 5:30 pace is not fast in who's book? That's on another planet in my book.

Lucho said...

Sub 5:30 pace isn't as fast I want to be.. nor is it fast to the people I'll be racing in February. It's all relative! It's sort of like I can't imagine how difficult it is to have TWO babies.. one is tough enough as it is ;)