Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday 10K race.

So I won the 10k this morning. Looking at last years results before the race I thought I could. I secretly hoped that no one better than me would show up because I'm tired. I knew during my warm-up that I didn't want to hurt.. and it was during this warm-up that I ran in to my friend Matt Reed. Well, there went the hurt-free notion. I knew it was going to be stingy. Matt is a good friend of mine, a Kiwi/ American that is a phenomenal runner. And swimmer. And cyclist. One time at the start line of a Stroke and Stride (1500 swim/ 5k run) I waded out a little bit and looked back at a line of guys that included Tim DeBoom, Matt, Tony DeBoom, and 10 other guys that were either world champions or better, and I told them all to just get on my feet and HANG ON! I remember being able to hear crickets, but Matt Reed laughed. I sucked at swimming.
It was funny before the race when we got to talking we did the "dance of the athlete". We've all done this. It's when we run in to competitors that we know before a race and we ask "How are you feeling?" and of course we all lie... "Oh, this will be my first run in a couple of years". Or "Oh, I just got over a case of Ebola and haven't been training".
Matt said "I'm not very fit.. I think I can hit 34:00". Ya, right. Matt out of shape is better than that.
I usually do the opposite, which usually happens to also be true. "Oh, I just ran a 2:30 marathon 19 days ago and have run 300 miles since then, but I feel great!" The feeling great part was a lie, and he knew it just as much as I knew he wasn't not fit.
Anyway- we went through mile 1 in 5:03. I looked at Matt and he just said "That didn't feel too bad". I said "Yeah, that was pretty easy"... then I turned my head to try and hide my vomit.
We went through 5k in 16:00. I think we both would have been happy to start cooling down and jog it in from there.. but there was a turkey on the line.. so it was back to business... dark, poultry business. Matt slipped back just after that, first just a few steps then a bunch of fews, then he just clung there.. 10 seconds back. Pissing me off. All I wanted to do was ease up and win easily... make the hurt go away... please? Hopefully when I'm eating the turkey I will finally forgive Matt.. ;)
I'm somewhat happy with the race, mostly because I was tired going in and I ran a similar time to what I ran before the marathon. It's not very useful to compare courses and times.. but this gives me a ball-park idea as to where my fitness lies at the moment.

My time for the 10k was 33:00.. my Average HR was 179.


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kerrie said...

nice meeting you today! We'll have to get Lucie and Ben together to play so she can show him how to do some serious moving....keep me posted on the run thing.

Matt said...

What time did you Run Lucho

BRFOOT said...

Congrats! Did you wear a hrm?? just curious how close to redline you were.

Brett said...

Congrats! I wasn't sure if they actually gave a turkey for the winner's of a turkey trot. Glad to hear they do.

boom boom said...

good to see you. get in touch with me for some running. cheers, matty reed