Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday 14 mi.

Week recap- 120 miles total. A good week I think? My long run was a bit too non-specific, it should have been faster. My "specific block" day was the best I have ever done, that workout alone made my week.
My body weight is holding around 144. I can get the extra 5 pounds before the marathon, I have the discipline and desire to do so.
I am racing a 10k tomorrow morning in Ft. Collins. It will be slow and I'm sure difficult.. due to not having truly rested at all. I'm nervous about it as I tend to be with all short races and also the fact that I am a terrible 10k racer. Not sure why. I've run 33:00 in a triathlon and 31:50 on the roads which I feel are very weak. Tomorrow is going to hurt!
We are camping up near Horse Tooth Reservoir tonight and Ben will get to swim in the lake! He was in Lake Michigan a few weeks ago and loved the "big" water. He is used to swimming in a pool 2-3 times a week but I want him to be fearless and skilled in deep water. I'll post some video when we get back.

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