Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday 0mi.

One of my few zero mileage days. My legs feel great after the race yesterday.. better than they did after Wednesday and Thursday. It's good to know that 13 miles at 5:30 pace makes me feel better than my workouts do, I think I'm training hard enough is the point. My new coach has planned a couple of workouts in the next 2 weeks that are going to push me even harder than ever. My new coach (we are actually in a trial period for the build up to Denver then I will decide on hiring him after the race) was genuinely impressed with my training logs which is why he has suggested a few of the upcoming workouts. He pointed to a few sessions that are indicators that my goal for Denver is realistic. After discussing how I feel after some of the bigger weeks he said it would be fun to see how I handle mileage in the 140's over the winter... I knew I would hire him when he said that... "you had me at 140". HA! It's good to find someone not afraid to push me as much I push myself. My goals don't allow me to fear training hard.

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