Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week training log


AM)  Lift as part of my warm-up for the run.
2 X 100 meter FLY starting at speed. Both in under 12 seconds.
2 X 400 meter at goal 800 meter effort. This was at altitude on a rolling section of road so there were ups and downs. Hit 67" on each.
2 X 200 in 27".
 All on 5:00 rest.

PM) 3 miles easy

 AM) 3 miles easy.

PM) Threshold test of sorts.
 Good warm-up. Then 2 X 1 mile on 5:00 rest. Ran entirely by feel only looking at distance. Sand bike path out of the altitude.
Mile 1- 6:30. Average HR 168. Slightly uphill over-all.
Mile 2- 6:00. Average HR 170. Slightly downhill over-all.

AM) Tempo (short intervals with lots of rest) is excellent recovery as long as damage or fatigue isn't severe.
6 X 200 in 30"-31". Felt smooth and super relaxed. On 3:00 recovery and HR was dropping back to under 100 by 2:00. Legs felt better as I went.

PM) 3 miles easy. 

AM) 4 miles easy

N) Lift- hamstrings. TRX/ dumbbell Bulgarian split squats with 5" pause at bottoms. 35# med ball throws and catches, ab wheel, planks, hanging leg raises, 7 Way Hips with 20# ankle weight.

Saturday- 7 miles in 57:00. HR 141. Super happy with 8:09 pace at that HR. Flat bike path out of the altitude.

Sunday- 6 miles in 55:00. From home, super hilly up to 8700ft altitude. 9:13 pace, which is actually not a terrible pace up here. Did a sort of fartlek where I ran strong on the climbs, most are steep enough that just running makes it tempo. Easy downs.

35 miles total on the week. 


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Unknown said...

Love your perspective. Been listening to your stuff for a couple of years now and my mindset is very much in line with what you bring to your coaching based on what I've heard. I've picked up that you coach but a pretty picky about who and when you coach. Any chance we could talk? Thanks for any and all consideration! Chris Hardbeck