Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week training log


AM)  Lift as part of my warm-up for the run.
2 X 100 meter FLY starting at speed. Both in under 12 seconds.
2 X 400 meter at goal 800 meter effort. This was at altitude on a rolling section of road so there were ups and downs. Hit 67" on each.
2 X 200 in 27".
 All on 5:00 rest.

PM) 3 miles easy

 AM) 3 miles easy.

PM) Threshold test of sorts.
 Good warm-up. Then 2 X 1 mile on 5:00 rest. Ran entirely by feel only looking at distance. Sand bike path out of the altitude.
Mile 1- 6:30. Average HR 168. Slightly uphill over-all.
Mile 2- 6:00. Average HR 170. Slightly downhill over-all.

AM) Tempo (short intervals with lots of rest) is excellent recovery as long as damage or fatigue isn't severe.
6 X 200 in 30"-31". Felt smooth and super relaxed. On 3:00 recovery and HR was dropping back to under 100 by 2:00. Legs felt better as I went.

PM) 3 miles easy. 

AM) 4 miles easy

N) Lift- hamstrings. TRX/ dumbbell Bulgarian split squats with 5" pause at bottoms. 35# med ball throws and catches, ab wheel, planks, hanging leg raises, 7 Way Hips with 20# ankle weight.

Saturday- 7 miles in 57:00. HR 141. Super happy with 8:09 pace at that HR. Flat bike path out of the altitude.

Sunday- 6 miles in 55:00. From home, super hilly up to 8700ft altitude. 9:13 pace, which is actually not a terrible pace up here. Did a sort of fartlek where I ran strong on the climbs, most are steep enough that just running makes it tempo. Easy downs.

35 miles total on the week. 


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