Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday speed endurance

     We spent the weekend back home where it never got above 15 degrees. It's also where they don't plow or clear snow off of anything so the footing sucked. I actually went to the track hoping my spikes would provide enough traction to do a workout but it was a fail.
    Today it was 18 degrees and snowing when I started my workout and the roads were just wet, not slick. I really don't care about the temperatures, it's entirely about the footing. If I wanted to run easy for miles then it'd be a simple and familiar thing, but trying to run fast on anything but good footing would be careless.
 Warm-up- Jumping. Lots and lots of jumping. As long as you aren't super fatigued starting a workout, then often times just doing a comprehensive jump/ plyo routine is plenty. And then of course nothing prepares you for running as well as running does so I started with 4 X 50 meters. Everything today was up the steep hill in front of my house. I swept the sand off my starting line and the first 20 meters. 
 2 X 50 meters max accelerations. Which means race like starts. Since I can't set up my blocks in the road (Yet. I have an idea as to how I can do that once the tarmac thaws) that means 3 point starts.
 2 X 50 meter max velocity. Which means flying starts. I took ~40 meters and built to near top end speed and then accelerated at the line and went 100% for 50 meters. All of these were on 3:00 rest.
 Rest 8:00.
 Then 2 X 150 meters. 3 point starts at 100% effort. Pretty brutal intervals. At the 50 meter mark you're still accelerating or just topping out and you feel fine. At 100 you start looking for the finish hoping it comes quick. By 125 you're tying up trying to relax and drive your arms.
 Super happy to hit 25" low on each. Not sure I've run a 150 that fast on my hill let alone two of them. Rested 8:00 between each.

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