Monday, January 7, 2019

Masters track and field World rankings

 These are my rankings in the 45-49 Age Group (I'm 47) in the US for 2018 in the 200 meter and 400 meter.

I ran one 400 meter race this past year. I was solely focused on running a fast 200 meter and getting under 25". It took my old legs an entire summer to get it but I ran 24.7" in August. I'm officially ranked #22 in the US for the 200 with my previous time of 25.2". If they had counted my 24.7" I'd be ranked #16.

In my one 400 meter race in September I went 55.91 which puts me #7 in the US and #95 in the world. I ran this off of training for the 200 so I'm optimistic for this year where I'll be all in for the 400.

  I'm over the moon with these silly results in such a niche sport! 6 years ago I won the Leadville Leadman race and was doing 40 mile trail runs and 6 hour bike workouts. Then I took 4 years off almost completely. Now I'm ranked in the top 10 in US in the 400 meters. My ego is sparkling more than usual.

200 meter rankings 

400 meter rankings


Kieran McCarthy said...

I've been a runner and a student of running for 29 years. I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this. Very impressive.

I'd love to see what you could do in the 800, given your aerobic background and current high-end speed. 2:01.51 is top 10 in the world for 45-49. Seems very doable for a lifelong distance runner with 55-high 400 speed.

Also, FWIW, 2:03.42 is number 1 in the world for 50-54. Just sayin'.

Lucho said...

Ya, the 800 is appealing. I imagine racing one in the future isn't unlikely.