Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday tire pulls + speed work

  I felt creaky starting out but after a comprehensive warm-up that included (always) a hip mobility routine plus strides I loosened up well.
Everything 100% max explosive starts and speed.
20 meter tire pull.
20 no tire.
20 tire.
40 no tire.
20 tire.
50 no tire.
20 tire.
60 no tire.
60 no tire.

2 X 20 meter fly.

  Interestingly enough, or not, my 40 times are relatively much better than my 60.

Then 30:00 dry sauna with hip mobility and aggressive massage/ scraping for my calves and soleus.

No pics from the sauna.

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David Corrie said...

no pics from the sauna... haha