Friday, November 23, 2018

Speed work

 Track. It felt amazing to put on spikes again, it's been a few weeks. The wind was strong today which only makes speed work better. I ran "assisted" (with the wind) 50's and one 100 and practiced my block starts, which are still inconsistent. My 3 point starts feel great and I can hit it perfect every time. Which is fine for a 400 but for a 200 I think I need blocks. Anyway.
 4 X 50 blocks. Even with a solid push from the wind I was slow. I hit ~7" on each and felt awkward.
 1 X 100 in 13.7 which might be slowest 100 I've run since the spring.
 4 X 50 flying (hit the start line at near top speed) 50's in ~6". Better but I'm still lacking the top end neurological coordination to move well. Luckily that comes back super fast.

 Tomorrow will be tempo 200's. Something like 5-7 X 200m in 30"-31" on 1:00 rest.

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