Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday mix of tempo and speed

 Jog down to the soccer field. Long warm-up routine.

 No actual measurements and I didn't wear a watch, so the distances and times are just guessing.
 Then 8 X 50 meters rolling starts building to max speed on 30" rest (walk the end zone).
Rest 5:00.
Then 4 X 40 meters, 4 point starts, max speed.

Jog easy back up to my driveway, about 3:00.

 Then on the hill in front of my house, about a ~4% grade.
200 meters hard tempo.
Rest 1:00.
200 meters again but building to max effort.

Rest 5:00.

Then 4 X 20 meters 4 point starts at max effort up the same hill with a 20# weight vest. On ~2:00 rest.  

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