Saturday, July 15, 2017

4 X 200, nailed it exhausted

     The minute I stepped out of bed I was doubting that this workout was going to happen as my legs were tight and numb. I had a couple of things going for me though. I slept in and woke up at 3:55 which I haven't done in a while and my energy was great. Then I remembered the results from the 400 meters in my age group at yesterday's Masters National Championships.
     My motivation is high already but seeing the results added a little to it. Allen Woodard is in a league of his own but I'm always motivated seeing guys like that and it definitely makes me want to work harder.
     So the workout was planned as 4 X 200 meters in 28.5 on 5:00 rest. All of my goal workouts are planned around a goal of 53" for the 400. The warm-up started awful and I jogged two laps on completely dead legs but started to loosen as I did my stretching and drill work. My left ankle which has been sore for a few days was 100%. Hamstring was about normal. Shin 100%. I spent probably an hour total aggressively massaging my lower legs and hamstring last night and it made all the difference.
     I told myself if I had to race to get under 29" I'd bag the workout and rest.
#1- 28.8". Not as bad as I expected. I've always had this "game on" attitude anytime the gun goes off or I hit my watch to start a workout and in the flip of a switch I feel better.

#2- 27.7" feeling smooth and relaxed. The effort was there but I wasn't hammering by any means and I felt good.

#3- 27.4 easiest one.

#4- 27.1 and feeling the effort finally. Still not racing but definitely needing to focus a bit. I also ended up taking just 4:00 rest which I felt was correct today. I ran a 200 time trial a couple of weeks ago somewhat rested and split 26.2. I was super happy to get within a second of that with a wasted and tired body. I blame a mental shift in attitude and a definite bump in fitness, which are both improving quickly.
     Super happy. Anytime you step up and do something that either you probably shouldn't be able to do or at least are doubting, it's a significant win that shifts your confidence up. Tomorrow is a full rest day finally.

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