Friday, March 18, 2016

Fishing/ messenger bag

In terms of simplicity this was... simple. Just straight seams. All square. But with over 800 stitches using upholstery leather it ended up being tedious. I had to use small needles and small nylon thread which tangled easily. I use double needles so the thread "floats" in the eyes and it kept slipping out and I'd have to re-thread the eye. But I'm happy with my first attempt at a bag. This is small which is what I wanted. My Kindle or a paperback fits just right. 4 pockets inside and two of them I made with my fly wallet and tippet spools in mind.


Anonymous said...

clean deal - now you just need a basket for the fish. trout hard

John Brenteson said...

Hey Lucho,

My name is John Brenteson, I have listened to every single ask the coaches and most of ask the Ultrarunner podcast's you have done on Endurance Planet. I have taken pretty much all that you have said and incorporated into my training plan. I am in my second full year of endurance training and I am mostly a self coached triathlete focusing on the 70.3 distance races. I will be doing my first Ironman this summer at Coeu D'Alene. I have been a follower of MAF training similar to what you have talked about on the podcast and have seen first hand what it can do for me.

I know you have mentioned that you have a lot of athletes and are currently not taking on anymore right now. But I wanted to reach out and say that I really want to have you as my coach. It doesn't have to be right away, just once you are ready to add a new athlete I would like to be that person. I have some big goals, and I know that you would be able to help me get there.

Hopefully one day I will be able to work with you.

Thank you,


Lucho said...

Thank you for the good word John. My e-mail is jogdaddy at gmail. Drop me a line in a month or so.

Anonymous said...


Long time fan. I've been following your journey since the beginning. I was wondering whether you are still training but just don't blog as often, or are now focused on other things. If the former, would love to have you start blogging more often again!

All the best

Lucho said...

Thank you, I appreciate the good word. I'm still exercising for sure, just nothing blog worthy I think. Lifting weights and cycling mostly and when I ride I don't track any data so a post would be pretty boring. I posted some videos of my rides but I do the same rides all the time so even that would be repetitive.
Thank you again!