Saturday, December 5, 2015


Bike- 35 degrees and the dirt roads are a mix of mud and ice. The pave isn't much better with loose sand. So I did hill repeats on a 1 mile climb in my neighborhood. Quick warm-up in my shed with 6 X 10 back squats and 4 X 10 front squats. Then 4 X 1 mile hill reps trying to stand all of each. I had a flat when I went out to start so I just switched back wheels and my shifting was wonky, my chain was bouncing between the 25 and 27t which when you're standing and pushing fairly hard messes you up. So I ended up dropping to the 23 and doing standing ME work. The hill is moderate, 320ft in the mile, but I wasn't able to stand the entire climb in the 23. Weak.
 Stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in awhile. 147 pounds fully clothed. I'm at race weight.

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Brett said...

Every time you come back to training and blogging, Disturbed has released a new album. Coincidence?