Monday, November 9, 2015


Run- 3.75 miles in 36:00.
Stretch cords (swim) X 100.

 There. I posted.
 Sorry I've not been updating like I said I would. Gotta get my blog groove back on.
  A couple (?) of months ago I ate it on a descent while running and messed up my knee again. It's only been a week since I've been able to run. Mostly treadmill (thanks again G) set at a 6-10% grade to avoid downhills but on Wednesday I ran Green Mountain in Boulder with an athlete of mine (6 miles with 3000ft of vert... or something like that. Neither of us had a watch on) and it felt 100%. Again. Today it felt 100%.
 Biking has been going well as always and I got in the pool on Friday for 1500 yards which sucked. Swimming didn't, I actually really enjoyed it. But being the second swim in 8 years for me I was reminded just how difficult swimming is and my fitness sucked of course. My form felt really good though and was hitting 50's in 40" without much effort. It's a start.
 We'll see where that takes me. With my knee possibly being solid and the fact that I enjoyed a swim leaves the possibilities open.

And the closest pool to me sits at 9200ft+ altitude. That doesn't help to feel good.


Barón de Benta'ko Erreka said...

Slow times's only time matter

Lucho said...

I agree.