Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday ramble.

  I watched Roadhouse last night in a fit of new but familiar insomnia. Found it on Netflix. Just thought I'd share the wholesome Marlboro badassness that is Samuel Pack Elliott. One of the few and fortunate that have the gift of being able to pull off the moustache. Same goes with Swayze and the mullet... excellent.

Solid few days since I last posted. On the EP podcast today I talked a little about my exercise goals, which are quite basic. I'm fully aware that I'm bi-polar in moving vigorously. I saw a funny meme the other day that said "I'm not lazy... I'm full of potential energy" and that describes me. Actually I do have one goal and that's to be functional. When GZ came up and we ran last week I said that I'd be fine and good just being able to do that sort of thing. And so I head out with what I'm seeing as a new appreciation for being able to do just that. I rode today, just messing around and ended with a KOM (stravatastical) on a route I've been riding frequently. I wasn't riding particularly hard but Tool's Schism came on my ear hole sound electronical fruit thingy and it was on. "I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall away"... good stuff. Haven't we all had the pieces together only to watch them fall apart? Maynard is a freaking genius.
 Appreciating being able to function at an above average level. For this country that is a bar that is set quite low. Fortunately I run in a circle that means I have to work a little to just hang. Being below average means I can't bang out a 100 mile run tomorrow... love it!
 I spent the weekend in my favorite town in the world (maybe even the whole county) Leadville supporting athletes for the Silver Rush 50 bike. I mentioned a few times that I was happy I wasn't racing but that was misleading. I envied the motivation and excitement of the athletes racing. I wanted to be them again and I thought about the race on my rides this week. Again with my mindset I try to avoid considering beyond tomorrow.
 I got some bad news today about one of my athletes that raced the 50 in Leadville and then drove home. He was diagnosed with a DVT (a blood clot in his calf.) This is devastating and an "injury" that could have killed him had a piece of the clot broken off and made its way to his heart. A reminder to athletes that muscle damage followed by a long period of sitting can end you. Compression gear, massage, and moving during travel is good. Possibly an aspirin but that is only what has been passed down word of mouth. Unfortunately his Leadman is probably over. I'm super bummed by this.


mtnrunner2 said...

"KOM" > I'm a bit worried that when I drive through Wondervu I'm going to run you over on your bike while you're out for a ride up "The Col de Wondervu". Glad that has not happened. But I'm a pretty mellow driver.

That cowboy photo reminds me of my sister's father-in-law, I kid you not. Right out of a Marlboro ad, about halfway between that photo and Buddy Ebsen. Horses, ranch, whole nine yards.

Lucho said...

I rarely ride 72. I try to stick to the dirt roads.
Not many people look good with a moustache, pretty sure it's a genetic gift.

Michael Baetz said...

Pretty sure Elliot actually played the Marlboro man in "Thank you for Smoking." Been enjoying the new flood of posts, thanks for sharing.

Shane Treadaway said...

Sorry to hear about your athlete Lucho. Love your advice and commentary on EP and your blog. Your wit and humor are priceless. Keep it up!!

Lucho said...

Thanks for the good word guys.

Mike Gordon said...

Sorry if there is another comment, the first may have disappeared. Is this Tim that I knew in Seattle? This is Gordo, from Aurora cycle.