Friday, July 31, 2015

Walker again + pics.

GZ came up this morning and we ran Walker Ranch. Of course, typical G, I'm driving to the parking lot early (5:50am) and I see him running up the road already at it. Absolutely perfect morning. Thankfully George is beat up as he nears the end of his last big week before taking on the Pikes Peak Marathon/ Leadville 100 double. He still jogged fast enough that I ran the loop 6:00 faster than I did 2 days ago. It felt easier too and I was able to actually talk a little bit in between gasps.

A few pics courtesy of GZ.
I live near the top of those hills on the right.

The stairs. 


Looking West over Denver.

That's a bathroom at the trail head. 


Brett said...

Yea, but you did 5 feet less of climbing this time. :?)

Lucho said...

Dammit. I'll climb an extra 5 feet tonight to make up for it.