Sunday, April 13, 2014

Leather fly rod case

A few months ago I went to a dump and salvaged quite a few yards of leather from old couches and recliners. After seeing the work of an amazing artist I was inspired (and I'm hard to inspire these days) to make my own fly rod case. So I took this dump grade leather and I made a case. It was OK. I made a ton of mistakes but it was pretty good still... good enough that I was asked to make another. Here's a bit of the process... it took maybe ~20 hours.
The top cap. 

Top cap sewn.

My first top cap on the right and the new design on the left.

The handle ready to hand stitch. The handle is one piece of doubled leather with no seam. Tricky to make actually.  

The handle being sewn on (with the finished top cap)

You have to basically finish everything before you're done. This is the handle sewn to the tube's final wrap. If I got the size of the final wrap wrong then I did ~500 hand stitches for nothing.  

Done and to the owner. He was super psyched and already had a place on his wall for the case. 

The bottom of the case. 

I botched the stitching... it's a 1/2 stitch off. I pre-punched over 100 holes and missed the mark by a millimeter and it shows in the stitches. Not quite "skilled". 

On the owners wall.


Andy said...

Now that is art! I would not want one of those banging around the back of the Jeep or getting loused up any other ways either. Too pretty for that.

skatona said...

Impressive, Lucho - nice work!

mike_hinterberg said...

Beautiful, I bet it was rewarding to make and even more so to give it to someone that appreciated it. Inspirational stuff!

Lucho said...

Thank you Deanna... I did hear! I'm working on trying to get home on Friday.

Dave said...

Hey man! Havne't checked in here in a while but awesome to see you're still up to cool things! It's always inspiring coming here to read. Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

Getting ready to do something similar. If I may ask what did you use for a harder or denser material to keep the circular shape from collapsing over time? Very nice work!

Scott Walters said...

This awesome. I am thinking of doing something similar. If I may ask, what did you do for the circular portion of this so it will not collapse over time? I am thinking of using a very thin plastic to keep the shape. Thanks again, and again very nice work!

Lucho said...

Hey Scott-
Sorry for the lag in response. I used PVC pipe. I've gravitated more towards thicker veg tan leather with no support. The PVC in this one makes it super burly and very solid. It's tough to cut the leather to the correct size so that when you sew it on the leather isn't too loose nor is there a gap. I made a few test strips and sewed them around the PVC just to get a feel for the correct measurement.
Good luck!