Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 Got out this morning for 40:00 in a fresh 6" of new snow. I'm pretty pissed at how out of shape I am!


Trev said...

What's your strategy for a comeback?

Lots of easy volume.
Intensity to 'shock' the body into shape.
Technique focus.
Or something else.
As a father of two young girls I find myself doing a comeback every other year, I'd be interested to hear your approach.


P.s. Welcome back to the interweb!

Lucho said...

Thanks Trev- Once the roads clear up I'll focus on the bike and try to just run ~20-30 miles a week. All MAF effort/ HR for at least the next 10 weeks. Then I'll see where I'm at. I'll also focus heavily on weights.

Andy said...

46X days you have... You know what not to do. Don't expect to be as fit as need or want to be within a week because you don't need to be. This is the beginning of the process. A very long process. Patience... Patience... Be kind to yourself.

J.P. Patrick said...

...but the beard is looking fantastic!

Patrick Thurber said...

haha! oh man! this video is so inspiring and reassuring. i thought i was the only one who muttered self-shit-talk during training runs. thanks!

FatDad said...

Yeah dude. I have to echo P's sentiment. Every time I have to walk up a hill I tell myself ' if Lucho will suck it up and walk, who do you think you are?' nice to see you actually doing it and feeling the same way.

Steve Pero said...

I have to say vid this is inspiring....I feel like I suck because at my MAF I can only muster a 10mpm pace. Granted I'm 62 and have been running and racing for 39 years.
Anyway, to get around this, I dropped the HRM and run by feel now and am a happier runner.

Mark M said...

Thanks for sharing your pain, Lucho. I can't tell you how many times I've shaken my head and muttered something similar to myself while plodding along on a MAF run. All the best to you.