Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fishing results.

 There was a definite reason I said that "0" couldn't be used. Partly because it would have been picked by many and partly because there was a good chance I would get skunked. This is one of the more difficult times of the year to fish. The river I fish is extremely low. The lake by my house (Gross Reservoir) has too much ice to fish from the bank but not enough to ice fish. So I caught zero fish. I was out for a total of 11 hours.
 Yesterday I was down out of the altitude where there wasn't much ice.

Standley Lake was fun and the weather was warm. Not a bite.

And this morning at Gross Reservoir where I had a very small puddle to fish. 2 hours and I ended up with frost nip on my thumb. Still no feeling in the tip. Super windy and cold. I was having to clear ice from my eyelets. Loved it.

So the bad news is that no one won except for me. I got to fish. And the good news, for us both, is that I will be fishing again next Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday (as well as Monday and Wednesday) and will simply carry the contest over to next weekend. I WILL be giving someone the Rudy Project sunglasses. Promise.

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