Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One year ago this week

Training log from this week last year. I keep going back and looking at what I did. Doing this is my way of trying to guilt myself back in to running. I want to want to run but am unwilling to go through the motions and  run because of the idea. Unlike 4 months ago though, I can feel something there in the back of my mind that resembles interest.
 What I have always found to be enjoyable is being fit enough to win. Run to be fast. There is a definite performance aspect to what makes training fun for me. All or nothing. I'm OK with that. That little whisper in the back of my mind doesn't say to just go run though, rather it says to train for something that you can't wrap your brain around. Try something big. THAT'S interesting and makes running fun.
 So one year ago this week. Meh. OK week. You can see a strong focus on running and running fast. 80.5 miles running (8:56 average pace with 13,450 of vertical) and just 4:00 biking. Tuesday was 3 miles at 5:57 pace at 8200ft altitude on a fairly rolling dirt road. Then a long run, three laps of Walker Ranch which was my go to training course for both Leadvilles. It's a 7.25 mile loop and I could set up an aid station at my car. Plus each loop has about 1600ft of vertical which is pretty good. Motivating to me to see what I did and wanted to do. Like I said, I want to want to run. I miss it.


Lucho said...

Shit! Brandon, Wyatt and Sean... I lost your comments.

Love it Brandon! The dark side suits me I think.

Wyatt- Nah. I'll sit and watch this year and pray that my record falls. Going back to Leadman to regain my record sounds excellent.

Sean- You're getting there!

Trev said...

Any of these inspire you?

Marathon des Sables?
Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc
Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon
Race Across America (not running!)

Lucho said...

Trev- All too expensive. Cool races for sure though.

Annie said...

Lucho! I just finished my first 100 miler. I live in Sweden and my training has been carried out on icy roads in worn out Inov-8's without spikes. Not a step on a threadmill. All long runs in around -5 C average, low -15's at times.
I have listened to your ATU's and have been so inspired by your no bullshit approach to training. Your attitude to running in general and I have made my own training schedule.
I won the race. I won the race in a pretty bad winning time- 21 hrs 57 mins after I forgot to take care of my feet so i stumbled for the last 26 miles in feets complete blistered.
But I did it. And the first thing i did was to sign up for another race i 4 months time and Im going for sub 20 hrs.
I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I have made my own training schedule. Run by myself. Mile after mile alone in dark and cold and sun and snow and I feel so strong.
If you want to coach me from overseas towards my next goal please email me! I wouldnt listen to anyone else :).
Thanks again!/ Annie aka "runnerslove" in Sweden

GZ said...

Wanna go hit the bacon strip for a jog next week?

Lucho said...

Annie! I love it!
I absolutely love the fact that you think that you won in a "bad winning time", that shows true potential. And sub 22 is not bad by the way :) But because you're not satisfied with that result shows much more than the finish time!
You just made my day :)

Lucho said...

G- I would actually. I won't survive being sedentary. I feel like hell not exercising! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday all work!