Sunday, August 12, 2012

Leadman races #3 and #4

Saturday- Leadville 100 mountain bike.

103 miles with 12612 ft of vertical.
185th place in 8:40:01 (big buckle). 11.5 mph.

About 2 minutes slower than last year. I'm definitely more run fit this year so I was happy to see this time. I felt very good all day with no low points at all. I also rode much better than last year in terms of skill, my fast descending was much better which is where I think I made my time. My power on the climbs was definitely lacking however and on Powerline I didn't even attempt to ride it, which half-way up I kind of regretted! 7 hours in my legs, pushing a ~24 pound bike up a 20%+ grade at 11,000ft altitude is quite difficult, harder than riding. My goal was to ride as easy as possible and also limit the damage by the other Leadmen. I went through Twin Lakes at mile 60 and my wife said that Troy had 20:00 on me, so I kicked it in and rode fairly hard to the finish. Troy finished 24:00 ahead of me. This was about 5 times harder than last year. The fatigue after 8 hours of pushing a mountain bike is quite deep. Completely depleted and dead afterward.
 Maybe 4th or 5th Leadman (I think) and lost the lead to Troy by 2 minutes. Not sure on the official placements or times splits.

Sunday- Leadville 10k
6.2 miles in 37:34/ 6:03 pace.

Just ~ 20 hours after the mountain bike. As expected my legs felt pretty flat and tired so the goal was to work in to the run and give it a good effort. I didn't feel bad or good but I felt solid. The first 3.1 miles (~17:50) I was quite comfortable and was sitting back in 8th or so. At the turn I was about 30"-40" to 4th place so I pulled my hat down so I could only see 2 feet ahead and just relaxed and worked. I felt very solid but didn't really have another gear so I just held the effort and the others slowed and came to me. At 1.5 miles I made a real push to get in to 4th, gapped the two guys (Michael Arnstein was one of them) and held on for 4th.
 One sort of goal was to suffer a bit on this last 3 miles because next Saturday this is the same last 3 miles of the Leadville 100 run. I tried to visualize being on this section next weekend. This was definitely a good thing for my head.
Nothing hurt, the knee felt 100% and I felt fine really, my legs just had one grinding speed. Felt (and feel) very good afterward, better than before the 10k really.
 Top Leadman and am maybe back in the lead (I think?) by about 7 minutes... again, not sure on that.

 In 6 days it's the 100 run finale!


jameson said...

sick dude... i like what you're doing here!

Jeff said...

Go get em Timmy! This is it- do or die. Eat their children. :)

As Yoda once said- "do or do not, there is no try"

Brett said...

"so I pulled my hat down..."

I think you just created a new saying, like the gloves are coming off or dropping your bottles.

Steve Pero said...

Fantastic, of luck in the 100!

James said...

Great Job Tim!!


Lucho said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the good word.

Jameson- I nearly posted the same thing on your blob. I'm loving what you're doing too. I love the Everest thing on the bike! I'm planning on trying something similar this fall. Something like a 60-70k vertical bike week. I'm also signed up for a free trial month of Crossfit and I'm psyched. Thanks for checking in man.

Jeff- "eat their children"... classic Jeff. I miss you man. You and me next year, were going to kill Masters track!!!

Stay Vertical said...

Thanks for sharing a little of your life and training last winter, so we can understand what it took to make this real. Inspiring stuff.

It will be a long winter. Psyched to see what you can cook up for next year. Now gimme 25 log flips and wait in the shed for your biscuits and mustard:)