Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The king of all workouts

  The King of All Workouts.
I woke up Saturday to snow and as I so brilliantly waited for it to stop... it turned to rain. So I opted to drive down to a trail out of the altitude (5500ft) where it was still spitting but a balmy 40. The long tempo run, the best workout in the World... maybe even in the whole county. The goal was to just run relaxed and strong, but I did this same run before Leadville in 2010 and averaged 6:48 pace working quite hard so I did have that in the back of my mind. The first 13 felt like MAF but the last 5 required a bit of brain work which I feel is why the long tempo is the best workout. Zero calories in the 16 hours before and zero during, no water during. I sort of wanted a fuel test (ala Canova) to see how my MAF/AeT fitness are. No low energy at all during this which shows I didn't really go deep in to my glycogen stores. Had I bonked or wilted then I would have obviously been burning more glycogen than fat. This 'test' loosely shows my metabolic economy. This was my fastest long tempo run in probably 5 years.
2 mile warm-up, then 18 miles averaging 6:24 pace. The Garmin says 1700ft of gain but I would guess it closer to less.

Signs of fatigue.
 Sunday was 12 miles with 2400ft of gain/ bike 1:45 with 2 X 3 mile tempo climbs.
 Monday was 6 miles recovery jogging/ bike 1:30 with muscle endurance (big gear) intervals.
This morning I ran 12 miles with 2400ft of gain up to 9200ft altitude. My legs  didn't feel tired but I didn't feel good. I averaged 7:45 pace which is quite solid up here and my average HR was 140. Gordo Byrn once told me "You're either really fit or really tired" in response to my HR and pace during a lactate test he was giving me. Fatigue and very high fitness sometimes show similar data. Just looking at my average HR VS pace you could assume I'm super fit. Or my HR is depressed and I'm very fatigued. My PE this morning felt OK, I was definitely working just to hold my HR above 140 on the climbs though. I'm fatigued for sure but I'm not on the edge yet. No lingering muscle soreness (the amino acid supplement I'm taking for recovery is brilliant), my sleep is OK. My appetite is gone which is part fatigue and part altitude.
 6 weeks to the start of Leadman.


William said...

So MAF and MAP does a body good? That's an impressive run. I'm really becoming a believer in the MAF.

Jim P. said...

Where'd you do the tempo run? ...curious.

Stay Vertical said...

Wow, I am really excited for you, Lucho. It is clear that you are setting yourself to walk among the legends of Leadville lore- right up there with Carpenter. Best wishes in wringing every drop out of the well.

Brett said...

Is Matt Hart doing the Leadman? (I thought I sorrr his name on the list before.). The two of you could rip it a new booha.

SeanWahoo said...


Longtime lurker, first time commenter.
Your training knowledge/wisdom, and subsequent sharing, is greatly appreciated.
Your fitness is enviable.
Your combined dedication to training and family (father of 4 myself) is inspiring.
Your love of IPA is equally shared.
Stay well and I look forward to your dismantling of the Leadman record books.


Thomas said...

Storming workout!

How do you decide on the effort level? Is it purely "relaxed and strong" by feel or do you check your HR/breathing/whatever?

Lucho said...

William- Ya man!

Jim- Louisville part Dirty Bismarck/ part Coal Creek.

Vertical- That's very kind of you, but Matt is on whole 'nother plane. I would be lucky and ecstatic to finish within 2 hours of his time at Leadville.

Brett- He's not on the start list.

Sean- Thank you so much for the good word!

Thomas- Definitely feeling the effort is what I find to be ideal. I've gravitated much more towards connecting with my perception on harder runs. I use the HR monitor more to see my responses to the training and I use it mostly when I'm feeling fatigue. If I feel good then I allow my body and energy to dictate the work.
Tempo is an effort and less of a 'number' and particularly on the long tempo I think it is very good to be able to sense the correct effort. It can be tricky to feel the correct pace at mile 1 of an 18 mile run. A little too zealous and it can come back to bite you.

Stay Vertical said...

I wasn't saying your going sub-15:42. Just that you could add to the legendary stories of Leadville with a combined flogging of the Leadman events.

Wyatt Hornsby said...

I'm in awe of those splits. Wow.


Ward said...

The bigger question is, did you run this is your Hoke's?

Lucho said...

Ward- No, I'm kind of saving them for Leadville. Best shoe ever!

Wyatt Hornsby said...

Lucho, with your Leadman quest, your resume and your training, I have to think you'd be an attractive ambassador for Hoka. Have you considered approaching them now--so that WHEN you win Leadman they can say you did it with their shoes on (granted, Hoka doesn't make a bike shoe that I know of)?


Lucho said...

Wyatt- I sincerely appreciate your generous words, and even more your generosity in GIVING me a pair of Hokas! I'm actually saving my pennies right now and plan, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, to buy a new pair for Leadville. This will be the very first time that I can EVER remember buying a pair of running shoes at retail. Of course I'll try to find a bargain though. But this is also the first time that I have felt that a pair of shoes may be worth it.

P. said...

Apex stompin!

Brett said...

Tim, why don't you ping Karl or Mackey or one of the guys to get contact info at Hoka and see if they'll toss a pair your way...they're free unless you don't set the new Leadman record, in which case you have to pay them back a hundred bucks or something.

Lucho said...

P- Destrominating!

Brett- Ya, a few people have suggested that but I don't know Dave at all and have only met Karl a few times. I doubt he knows who I am. I'll ebay a few bike parts and buy a pair :) Thanks!

Wassdoc said...

What's the amino acid supplement? Keep enjoying your journey, that's what really makes reading your blogs so much fun.

Lucho said...

Mike- Master Amino Pattern (MAP). I've noticed the difference in my recovery like night and day.
And I'm also enjoying YOUR new journey! I loved today's post. I had a similar thing happen to me at a small mom and pop coffee shop where I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. The guy said no problem that I could pay next time. It was clear up in Longmont but I made a special trip back up the next day just to give him the money. His trust and generosity impressed me so much there was no way I was going to ruin it! Good stuff in this day and age I think.

Rader said...

Lucho (still trying to get used to calling you that),
What was your HR on the 18 mile run at 6:24/mile? What HR should I shoot for/stay under when running close to sea level? When going for "distance" (6-13 miles) and trying to work on increasing speed?


Lucho said...

Brian- Take 180 - your age and run within 5 beats other side of that number for your base mileage. Then if you do a tempo run (like the one above)you would add ~10 beats to that range. If you're very interested in learning about training then buy Jack Daniel's book! You'll learn a ton with that.