Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday week review

 The week was 'meh'. Not great but definitely adequate for October and no race plans on the horizon. This coming week has a few things lined up for me though.
 A Tuesday podcast for an ultrarunning site. I'm afraid I will be a disappointment as I'm not an ultrarunner.
 And Wednesday is a video shoot for Ultimate Direction. One of the guys behind the shoot is famed polar explorer Eric Larsen. I have a huge amount of respect for who he is and what he has done. As a closet Everest and mountaineering fan he is one of the very few people in the world who I look at and think 'balls'. I have very little fear of the world and the things in it, but when it comes to shit like K2 and Everest I get nervous. He loves MY story so I am flattered and nervous.
 New territory for me this week. I don't deserve this attention but if they want it then I'll give them classic Lucho... and the people who really know me are at this moment cringing.


GZ said...

Not cringing. Grinning. I hope it all comes out. It will be awesomeness.

Rick said...

I think I know you a little, and am looking forward to your shoot and interview - giving it a little classic Lucho. There will be no cringing here. As a matter of fact I've already reduced my ration of Viagara in prep for the interview.

Uli said...

Nooo, we're not. Or to say it with Dave Roche: you are awesome!

I trust you to keep us in the loop where we can listen to and watch all this.

In the meantime, greetings from Kona! Same old here which means too little sex and too much drugs for those who are racing. I'm not, of course.



Art said...

Just be your usual "blog-self" and you'll be fine on the podcast....where's the site for that, eh....?