Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday single speed bike

Busted out the single speed today and got in 2000ft of climbing. Brutal.
 And I counted my run mileage total so far for the year- 1193 miles since January 1... or about 31 miles a week average.
 Ben wants to be a vampire dragon for Halloween... anyone?


Dave said...

Singlespeeds AND vampire dragons rock! Seems like they should be combined somehow...

Dave said...

You should convince him to dress up as a Vampire Weekend Dragon. So just have him as a hipster in skinny jeans, with a small green tail that shows just how little he cares about social constructs like Halloween.

/does not make any sense unless you know Vampire Weekend and their fans
//actually does not make any sense either way

Rob Timko said...

Dragon recommendation:

Lucho said...

Dave1- Vampire dragons and single speeds DO rock! If I go SS at Leadman I'll need to come up with a logo or a custom seat cover for that.

Dave2- I saw the most adorable hipster in Boulder today. He had fake glasses with a pink trucker hat and skinny jeans rolled up to his knees. I wanted to pet him.

Rob- Trog Dor the Dragon Man... LOVE it!

Wassdoc said...

My daughter is going to be a vampire for halloween!

Art said...

Get that SS idea outta yer mind IF you are gonna go for a Leadman Record....if yer not worried about finish time then, yeah, go ahead and suffer on one gear....yer gonna have trouble keeping up with me on the SS on a practice run though, just sayin'....

Lucho said...

Mike- That would certainly be easier than a vampire dragon!

Art- The current record splits:
4:57/ 4:41/ 8:45/ 47:13/ 24:10

What I think I can do on a SS:
4:00/ 4:20/ 8:45/ 40:00/ 18:30
New record by 6+ hours... it's always SO easy on paper :)
I'm still very much on the fence about the SS. I'm leaning towards doing Leadman geared first, and if that goes well, do SS my second time. I still can't wrap my head around Columbine Mine on a SS. Too much hiking for my tastes! I want to ride my bike... not push it.