Friday, August 19, 2011

Leadville 100 run tomorrow

 Brandon Fuller had a party last night for a pre-Leadville celebration. He has a beautiful home on the race course and was gracious enough to open it up to anyone in town. Thanks Brandon and Natalee (who makes the best dip in the world)! A bunch of Leadville racers were there and I got to meet quite a few people in the ultra community and blogosphere. And I have to admit that all this actually has me more excited for the Leadville 100 run THIS year more than I was last year when I ran it. 
Another reason I drove up to Leadville was to hang out with Tim (footfeathers) who I will be pacing from May Queen to the finish. I doubt there is anyone as qualified as I am to help Tim through this section if the sh!t is going South tomorrow night. Last year this last 13 miles nearly brought me to my knees and Tim 'held my hand' through this section and got me to the finish. I'm crazy excited and honored to be Tim's pacer tomorrow.


Art said...

Say "Hi" to Ken and Merilee for me if you get a safe, run well as a charge for motivational suggestions....LOL

Footfeathers said...

bring diapers and duct tape. looking forward to it!

Natalee said...

Do I get some kind of belt buckle for that honor?! Put the recipe up on for ya!

Lucho said...

Natalee- Love the profile pic.
And yes you do get a buckle. I'm making it out of elbow macaroni and tortilla chips. I'll present it to you after shooting my 12 gauge shotgun in to the finish crowd... and I'm wearing spandex with a clown wig.