Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fly fishing the Frying Pan river

 I got to celebrate my 40th birthday by spending 4 days in a cabin on the Frying Pan river about 25 miles up from Basalt. We were up near the headwaters so the trout were still juvenile but I did manage to catch ~10 trout in the 10" range and then many smaller fish. I don't have hip waders so I braved the waters in a pair of trail running shoes and found that once my feet and lower legs went completely numb it was almost bearable. I got on the river every day in the morning and evening since the cabin was just 50ft from the river. I didn't take my camera after the first morning after I slipped off a rock and fell, my camera barely managed to escape getting soaked.

Looking up at Hagerman

Kind of a stupid photo

Looking up the Frying Pan
  We leave this Friday for a 10 day camping trip with the boys.


skatona said...

Livin the life dude.....keep it up!

Lucho said...

Thanks Shaun! I hope you are too!

Brandon Fuller said...

What was your HR during that fishing expedition? You can't leave us hanging like that.

Lucho said...

I was using HR and wattage. I was able to cast consistently at about 99% of my FCT (functional casting threshold.) I was pretty cautious not to go too hard too early for fear of serious decoupling. I took in a gel every 47.3 casts but had to switch to Coke after 80 or so. I also used compression arm sleeves and an aero-glove to decrease the wind drag on each cast which saved me .0342957 grams of drag per cast which decreased my over-all caloric burn by .00001495285%. I figure I was able to catch .01% more fish over the 4 days due to this.

Brandon Fuller said...

You silly. I think the trick is all about wearing a goofy hat.

Lucho said...

Ha! I think you're right. I'm off to Bass Pro!