Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday bike

13 miles with a lap on Walker. My climbing legs feel incredible! Super low HR and I'm turning the gears with ease at race speed. The Kenda Small Block 8's ROCK. The rear is leaky but should seal by Saturday. Average HR 128 with ~3k climbing.

Breakfast post ride


Betsy said...

Hi Tim! This is Betsy, Kaaren's friend from St. John! Remember me? Every time I do something exciting athletically I think of you so this time I Googled you! You were such a help to me on St. John, encouraging me in my hikes when I was in such a low point in my life. I have always thought of you so fondly!! We live in Idaho now and I just ran 10 mountain miles for the first time and thought of you! Love your blog! -Betsy

Lucho said...

Wow... holy blast from the past! Of course I remember you. Idaho is awesome, no surprise you ended up somewhere like that! Awesome to hear from you, thanks for saying hi!
And 10 mountain miles is worth 15 civilized miles :)

Anonymous said...

Wow on that Breakfast. Would love to hear what your typical paleo eating day is.


Lucho said...

Nothing special on the diet. I eat when I'm hungry and I avoid processed foods as much as I can. I'm not super anal as I think for a hard training athlete there is a place (and a time) for raw calories like pasta. Snacks are apples, bananas, peanut butter. Lots of meat. Lots of vegetables. If you tune in to your body it will tell you what you need.
During training I will take in a clif bar with Gatorade/ maltodextrin and immediately post hard or long workout I will drink 50-75g of maltodextrin CHO. But usually it's V8 juice with raisins to balance blood alkalinity.

Fred (aka ace) said...

Wow! Looks like my breakfast and lunch. Though usually for breakfast I like that stuff in liquid form to make digestion easier.